North Main Church of Christ

Malvern, Arkansas 

The History of the North Main congregation began in the 1930’s. In 1938 Roy J. Clark of Hot Springs, Arkansas held the first gospel meeting in Malvern. At that time the congregation had no building in which to meet therefore meeting was conducted in the open air on a vacant lot on Sullenberger street here in Malvern. Later the facilities of the Woodman of the World were used to conduct Bible classes and worship services. In 1939 a lot was purchased on North Main Street by the Hazel Street Church of Christ (later known as the Southside Church of Christ) and donated to the Malvern congregation. That same year the North Main Church of Christ erected their first meeting house.  This  meeting house built on this lot was made of wooden logs  and heated in winter by two wood burning stoves. The ladies used to kindle fires on Saturday night so that the building could be warm on Sunday morning.  As the Word of God spread in the community the congregation grew and it became apparent that new facilities were needed . In 1947 a brick building was erected. In 1968 This brick building was torn down  and replaced by the current red brick building.

Our Evangelists 

North main has had the privilege to be served by various evangelists 

Roy J. Clark (1938) 

Cleo Gilbert (Dates unknown) 

Glen Pace (1951-1954) 

Guthrie Dean (1954)

James Braswell (1955) 

George Curtis (1956) 

Loyd Bridges (1957-1959)

Gilbert Copeland (1960)

Marshall Conner (1962-1966)

O.D. Harvey (1967-1968)

Grover Martin (1967-1970)

Buddy Cogburn (1970-1972)

Carroll Fletcher (1973-1977) 

Jack Smith (1977-1985)

Bud Lambert (1985-1988) 

Edgar Simmons (1988-1993) 

Christopher Clouse (1993-1997)

Tracy Dugger (1997-2000)

Thomas W. Moore (2000-2008) 

Bryan Braswell (2008-2015) 

Morne W. Stephanus (2015-2017)  

Sam Carman (2017-Present) 

Our Future 

The North Main congregation stands on the shoulders of men and woman who have dedicated their lives to the spreading of the Gospel. Our prayer and desire is for this congregation to continue in Malvern  as long as the Lord allows this world to stand. With this in mind we strive to fervently promote the Gospel of Christ so that souls might be saved and the Kingdom might grow.